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Nigel OpenshawAre you seeking practical and creative lesson ideas to teach English grammar to your students effectively? Welcome to functional grammar!

I designed this collection of English language lessons with your student's needs in mind. These carefully curated lessons aim to provide a well-rounded language learning experience, focusing on essential grammatical concepts.

As an experienced teacher with over a decade of expertise, I have carefully selected proven lessons that will help enhance your students' grammar skills and build their confidence.

Grammar lessons can sometimes be a bit dull. That's why I have incorporated practical activities into each class. Here's a sneak peek at the thirty studies included in this collection:

These versatile lessons and many others can be easily customized to suit your student's preferences and learning styles, ensuring an enjoyable and practical learning experience. I have also included a wealth of additional resources to support you in creating a positive learning environment.

Have class activities about food with "cooking recipes in the present tense," play games like "drawing a map and using prepositions," or conversations with "second conditional on environmental issues.

This collection of English language lessons provides practical and engaging activities to enhance your students' grammar abilities and boost their self-confidence in a realistic environment. These customizable lessons offer a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience covering various tenses and topics.

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Part 8. Mapping Our Town

This lesson explores towns and introduces the grammar point of prepositions. The practical involves making a map of the town.

Time: 40 and 40 minutes.

Things to Do:

Bring or print a map solely for the layout during Show and Tell.

Print the prepositions worksheet from online resources.

Students will use their own game pieces, such as an eraser or sharpener unless specific items are available.

Grammar: Prepositions

Prepositions typically come before a noun or pronoun and indicate the relationship between that noun or pronoun and other words in the sentence. For example, prepositions can show time, place, direction, or manner.

We use "At" in time and place.

15. Prepositions

1. Show and Tell: 5 min

Display the map to the class and ask encouraging questions like, "Can you please help me? I am lost. Where can I find the clinic?"

2. Learn: 15 min - Subject/Grammar

Next to/park: "The park is next to the shops."

Between/signs: "There are signs between the supermarket and the park."

At/supermarket: "The supermarket is at the end of the street."

On/shops: "You can find shops on the other side of the park."

3. Activity: 15 min - Classroom Scavenger Hunt

Distribute the preposition worksheet.

Working in pairs, students find places with two things described using prepositions.

They write their sentences on the worksheet using prepositions.

4. Review: 5 min

Discuss with the teams the usage of prepositions.

16. Map-Making Challenge

1. Activity: 10 min - Brainstorming a New Town

Students must develop and construct a small-town map with locations and route layouts. Ask, "What building do you want?" and "What exists in your town?"

A map includes transportation lines, locations, environment, and other information.

2. Activity: 10 min - Draw the Map

Create a road network that resembles a city or downtown. The roads need to be open and connected.

Draw the structures and other features on the layout.

3. Activity: 5 Min - Making the Game

Create several circles on the roadways that are the size of coins. Plan out where the game pieces can fit in clear, movable spaces.

They will place one in every cross-section for about 10 to 12 spaces minimum.

Assign a number between 1 and 6 to each circle on the roadways for points.

4. Review: 15 min

Place each player's piece on the board. When players roll the dice, they move in any direction according to the dice number.

To describe each location they visit, a preposition that relates to a store or adjacent area must be used in the sentence.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

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