Creative Freehand Drawing on a Desktop!

imageImmerse in a world of fun designs as you bring ideas to life. With an intuitive mouse, stylus pen, or touch controls, create stunning digital art effortlessly. Explore a vibrant color palette and enjoy the convenience of a flawless eraser feature.

Unleash your creative potential with our Chalkboard Drawing App. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a student, or a professional, this versatile tool empowers you to express yourself digitally easily.

Beyond personal expression, our app is a valuable addition to your digital toolkit. Experience uninterrupted creativity in an offline environment. Deliver captivating presentations, make real-time edits, and elevate note-taking with interactive diagrams. Collaborate seamlessly, fueling creativity and unlocking fresh ideas.

Best of all, it's free and ad-free, accessible to everyone. Seamlessly integrate with Windows for a smooth workflow. Save, delete, and access your work with a few clicks—no more searching for misplaced drawings. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

New in Version 5: text input by right-clicking, creating straight lines with CTRL, rectangles with CTRL+shift, ovals with CTRL+shift+alt, diamonds with alt+shift, and pressing 'F' to fill space or add arrows.

Join thousands of satisfied users who've unleashed creativity with our Chalkboard for Windows App. Download now and experience the transformative power of personal expression and enhanced productivity.

Let's Look Deeper

With a touch screen, you can scribble and doodle to your heart's content, adding a personal touch to your work. You can choose from various colors, including white, green, blue, red, and gray, and use different pen sizes to create unique and eye-catching designs.

This app is not just for fun, though. It is also handy for teachers, presenters, coaches, engineers, designers, architects, artists, and more. You can use it to create interactive and engaging diagrams, take notes, and make presentations to captivate your audience. Its user-friendly interface makes organizing and accessing your work easy, saving time and reducing stress.


Draw with shapes and text

Use Different colors


With remote learning and online collaboration becoming more common, this app is the perfect tool for brainstorming and collaborating with your team in creating digital images. You can create tutorials, visual aids, and other content to help you and your team stay organized and on track.


Play games

Brainstorm with ease


It is a must-have for anyone looking to take their creativity to the next level. Overall, this freehand drawing whiteboard app for Windows is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to express yourself in new and exciting ways.


Chalkboard for Windows

Some Kind Words

Here, you'll find valuable user reviews and easily download the software using our convenient locations, all tested and approved.


Chalkboard is a neat, lightweight utility that can be handy for anyone who prefers to take notes manually. The tool can be a great asset for teachers, especially those holding online courses, as it can be a visual aid for the explanations they provide during class. - SOFTPEDIA (4.5/5 Stars)

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