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Hi There! I'm so glad you dropped by. Why not click on the books below to find out what I've been up to. Each one comes with a FREE CHAPTER (or 2) for you to read. There is no Email Required :) Enjoy! P.S. Click here for Dark Mode. -  Nigel

image Engaging Activities to Develop Vocab, Confidence and Basic Conversational Skills Brainstorm subjects such as "favorite foods," ask questions like "what will you do in your future?" or expand a verb like "watch."

image Engaging Activities to Develop Conversations, Informal Language and Questioning Skills Get in-depth answers from, "where is a beautiful place to visit?", find out the meaning of "down to earth," or use set keywords for an "environmental discussion."

image Engaging Activities to Develop Opinions, Critical Thinking and Debating Skills Have a class debate about "Monet is one of the most famous artists," the meaning of "let sleeping dogs lie" or a dilemma, "you find money in a bank ATM."

image Engaging Activities and Discussions for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Levels Have a conversation on "who enjoys reading in your family?", discuss an informal phrase like "feeling blue" or a dilemma like "children play too many games."

image Fun Activities to Develop Conversations, Encourage Speaking and Growing Debating Skills Have a conversation about "Which city do you like the most?", discuss "celebrations, using adjectives," or debate that "Italian food is the healthiest."

image A Step by Step ESL Guide to Teaching 30 Fun and Educational English Grammar-based Lessons Have class activities like "make and present recipes in the present tense," "draw a map and play the preposition game," or use "second conditional on discussing environmental issues."

image Common English Vocabulary to Test Reading and Spelling Skills for All Student Learning Levels See if you can find a "comb in the bathroom," a "satellite in space," or "father with the family."

If you ever need any help or advice, I am happy to chat with you. I can be reached on Twitter at @nigelmopenshaw Thanks, Nigel