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Hi There! I'm so glad you dropped by. Why not click on the books below to find out what I've been up to. Each one comes with a FREE CHAPTER (or 2) for you to read. There is no Email Required :) Enjoy!P.S. Click here for Dark Mode. -  Nigel

image Helpful Tips and Inspiring Photos to Take You from Designing, Building, and Growing to Harvesting Choose "seeds or plugs," know how to "prevent bolting," and be inspired to "build your own cold-frames."

image Take an Educational Nature Walk Around the Garden With Fun Challenges for All the Family See if you can find "honesty in the purple flowers," "Nigella in the annuals," or "a lawnmower in the machinery."


image Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and a Fresh Outlook on your Life Think about using "focus on a single task at a time" to build resilience, gain happiness by "be more upbeat and present," or build on "help others before helping yourself" with friendships.


image A Year-Long Journey Around Australia and New Zealand Meeting Wonderful People and Animals Take a "glacier walk in New Zealand," find a "giant shark in a suburban house," or visit an "eclipse festival in the Outback."

image Take a Wild Bush Walk Around the African Savanna With Fun Challenges for All the Family See if you can find "lilac in the African flowers," "leopards in the carnivores," or "a lion in the Big Five."

If you ever need any help or advice, I am happy to chat with you. I can be reached on Twitter at @nigelmopenshawThanks,Nigel