Left to My Own Devices as a Full-Time Lonely Layabout!

Nigel OpenshawFor more than 25 years, I have been passionate about coding and graphics. I began my professional career by developing a hostel website in Perth, Australia, and have been exploring the limitless possibilities of coding as a hobby ever since.

Graphics & Text

As an experienced educator and writer, I've dedicated my career to exploring a range of topics through my work. During my time teaching in South Korea, I collaborated with colleagues, taught individual classes, and co-taught lessons. These experiences inspired me to create the "ENGLISH DISCUSSION TOPICS" series and write the popular "ESL CLASSROOM GRAMMAR & ACTIVITIES" books, which showcase my ability to engage students and encourage active participation.

In the midst of dealing with my own mental health struggles, I embarked on a 12-month journey in Australia. The stunning landscapes and diverse cultures I encountered are chronicled in "AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND BACKPACKED," a travel memoir that captures the essence of my transformative experience.

My passion for organic gardening began with my grandfather and has blossomed over 40 years of hands-on experience. "GROW YOUR OWN FOOD IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN" is a practical guide that showcases my expertise in sustainable and eco-friendly gardening techniques.

Currently, I'm undertaking a project that explores the complexities of "CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME" and its impact on mental health. Through research and personal experience, I'm gaining a deeper understanding of this condition and sharing my insights with readers who may be struggling with similar issues.

Amateur Photography

My passion for photography is evident in my work, even using low- to mid-quality cameras. I enjoy capturing macro shots, highlighting the details that often go unnoticed. I have been focusing on my kitchen garden, capturing the process of growing vegetables. My photographs are in my book, Grow Food in the Kitchen Garden.

You can view some of my photos on Shutterstock, where I have a profile.

In my opinion, it's essential to teach kids about growing food. It's an excellent way for them to learn about the natural state of fruits and vegetables and the importance of environmental protection. By doing so, we can all be more aware of our daily actions' impact on the environment.

Web Design


My passions include web design, graphics, teaching, writing, photography, and continuously expanding my knowledge of new technologies. I prioritize caring for the environment and promoting well-being, and I am passionate about UI and modern design because I believe in the beauty of minimalism. Often, less is more.

Design Models

Customer Questions

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We already have a site, so what can you do?

We offer website assessments to report on its performance if you already have a website. We'll consider any existing site and ensure you own your domain, not another company. We respect your property and will not hold your domain hostage.

How long will it take?

On average, the website development process takes 2 months to complete, including guaranteed delays. It includes creating an identity, building, designing, and marketing.

What can you offer regarding other developers?

We take a professional, cooperative, and flexible approach with a good sense of UI and modern design. We avoid complexity and create something unique and professional, not just a cloned mobile website. We aim to understand your area of expertise to create a website that fits well for you.

What happens after completion?

After completion, you can take over and edit the website as you please, including transitioning the site to your domain. Alternatively, you can receive support and regular updates for a fee of £20 per hour, including monthly software and plugin updates, broken link checks, website statistics, security, speed and SEO optimization.

Below is an example plan of what happens at what stage:

Quarterly Website: Apr/Jul/Oct/Jan

Review website content for inconsistencies across multiple devices.

Examine the contents for improvements or replacements.

Test the state and usability of random backups.

Yearly Website: Jan

Carefully review web content, including dates and changeable values

Renew your website domain name(s)

Software Design

no designsAs a software developer with over 20 years of experience, I provide client-focused web design and development services. Working closely with clients, I bring their ideas to life and create their ideal marketing platform. With expertise in web design, programming, and graphics, I'm dedicated to delivering high-quality results.

As it stands I have 2 projects currently in development that get updated on a random yet consistent basis. I'm always wanting to learn more in design and UI.

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