English ESL Classroom Grammar and Activities

Have you ever struggled to produce killer ideas for a lesson? How creative are you at making exciting lessons? The lesson plans are little or no prep with practical activities/projects.

  • Grammar points,
  • Develop conversation skills,
  • Improve fluency,
  • Help with critical thinking skills,
  • And create simple questions and answers.


Pick up a free ESL sample PDF of the first 3 lessons.


This book is like having your own co-teacher but without the bad jokes.

One day I looked at the teaching materials I'd accumulated as an ESL teacher in South Korea and realized what a great resource they'd make for other teachers.

- Nigel:SWD


Available worldwide on Amazon

  • Available in either paperback or eBook.
  • Print length: 142 pages
  • Publication date: November 15, 2020

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