Practicing well-being has transformed my life. Techniques like meditation and self-help give me focus and clarity. I also find activities like gardening to be great for reducing stress and improving mental health. It's not just exercise, it's a connection with nature and fresh produce. We should all find ways to promote well-being in our daily lives. - Nigel

Be motivated to "construct your own cold-frames," know how to "avoid bolting plants," or decide between "seeds or plugs."

Read about Growing food in a Kitchen Garden
Grow Your Own Food in the Kitchen Garden Book

Learn about the power of today and how your number and color relationships relate to you.

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Nigel M. Openshaw, a proud self-published author, has dedicated much of his time to teaching English to others.

Read about his Design History
Photos,Graphics and Websites News


Teaching can be tough without the guidance of a mentor. I wish I had someone to turn to for advice and encouragement when I first started teaching. Being a mentor is a fulfilling and rewarding way to give back to the teaching profession and help others succeed. - Nigel

Class activities like recipes in present tense, maps and playing a preposition game, or second conditional on environmental issues.

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ESL English Classroom Lessons Book
Intermediate ESL Discussion Topics Book

Get in-depth answers to where is a beautiful place to visit, the meaning of down to earth or have an environmental discussion.

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